Audi С7 (2014+) RS6 / RS7 / S8 Tuning Kits

We are offering 4 stages of tuning for Audi RS6/RS7 vehicles (C7 model with 4.0TT engine).


STAGE 1  — Special firmware built together with  APR USA company.

STAGE 2 — Stainless steel cat-less exhaust system with silent mode, A/T collant system, Intake upgrade and special firmware.

STAGE 3 — All new turbo kit , exhaust system, A/T upgrade, fuel system upgrade, intake system upgrade, and special firmware.

Our Stage 3 is unique in the world and current world record  holder at the drag strip with following dynamics:


• 950HP  and 1300N/m (950ftlbs) with race fuel.

• 0 — 100kmph (0-60mph) 2.5s.
• 100-200kmph (60-120mph) 4.9s.

• 0-402m (1/4 mile) 10.1s





STAGE 4 — Stage 3 parts Plus all new intercooler system, new exhaust manifolds and more!





• 1100HP  and 1350N/m (1000ftlbs) with race fuel.

• 0 — 100kmph (0-60mph) 2.5s.
• 100-200kmph (60-120mph) 4.6s.

• 0-402m (1/4 mile) 9.7s