Chip tuning is a reprogramming of the vehicle electronics to optimize engine control and release his hidden potential. This procedure is significantly cheaper than forcing the engine and allows to increase the capacity of 5-25%. We provide a professional chip-tuning APR in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Why make the chip tuning?
In modern cars use engines with electronic control units, which are placed inside special chips with the memory. They control the fuel injection, turbocharging, and ignition. The factory software version of the chip is very «raw». If you change it to tuning, it is possible to significantly increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

In chip-tuning focuses on the cold start mode, setting the correct ignition angle and rpm of the motor at various speeds. Decreases the time of injection of fuel and turned off unnecessary system. Increases the comfort of travel in urban environments and maneuverability when overtaking.

Recalibration of control unit improves the car’s dynamics without losing the resource. In the process of calibration information from the chip is processed on the computer and on its basis perform a firmware APR. For each driving mode are set to optimized values that can be switched if necessary.

Why firmware APR?
Company APR (Audi Performance and Racing) is a famous American brand tuning products for racing cars and cars of the VAG group. Innovative technology EMCS has no analogues on the market and allows you to perform professional engine calibration in all modes. High safety and reliability solutions company APR confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

We are an official company representative APR in Russia, therefore, we present only original parts and solutions American brand. Before flashing each car must pass technical inspection of the engine and major systems, since even minor problems can lead to the opposite result. Upon completion of the work the car is undergoing tests at the stand at maximum power.

Engine tuning from Total Race
In addition to the presentable appearance of Your luxury car needs in the professional development of the motor. Such a complex and technological operation cannot be entrusted to Amateurs. Our experts will conduct high quality chip tuning ARP for car owners in Moscow and the Moscow region. The cost of the firmware of the engine depends on the amount of work and model-specific car.