Our company was established in 1999 by specialists with professional skills  in various areas including  Mechanics, IT, Electronics and CNC machining. Our business was grown from fanatic hobby and we are still loving it so much, Some of our projects are famous in the whole world due to its unique engineering, many of them are modern records holders in different kinds of racing.

More than 15 years we are specializing in various car tuning, race car preparation, manufacturing and engineering.

Our goal is to implement unique solutions in every project with any budget, design and test new hardware and software.

Our facility is located in Moscow, Russia and consist of large tuning center (1000sq.m) with all the best equipment, Dyno room with AWD dyno holding up to 6000HP, Own manufacture area with precision 5 axis CNC machines, Renishaw and Hexagon reverse engineering equipment, professional 3D printer and 3D scanner.

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